Shop's closed for a few days, as we have more pressing issues at the moment.  Tons of rain during the past few days here in the nw corner of Oregon, accompanied by melting snow and ... voila'... instant flooding.

Here's a couple of shots of the little bridge from the street to my house. The old bridge has taken worse, but the cumulative effect just may prove be too much this time.  If money were no object (ha!) I'd love to get a 25ft flatbed rail car and make a new bridge, setting it about 2ft higher. The price of fret jobs may have to take a bump...

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Have you tried using a dehumidifier?

Aha.... NOW you tell me :)

I' wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure it will all come out in the wash anyway.

"If money were no object (ha!) I'd love to get a 25ft flatbed rail car and make a new bridge, setting it about 2ft higher."

If your luck is like mine Mike, next year the flood water level would be 3 ft. higher (:

The whole country has your region in its thoughts & hearts Mike.

I hope everyone is safe & well. 

Kindest regards,


Thank you, Paul.  Yeah, we're basically OK....  mostly jangled nerves and loss of sleep, as it just keeps raining. In the grand scheme of things, our little bridge is small potatoes compared to what a lot of the area has suffered.

Appreciate the thoughts, sir.

Mhhh... I'm afraid you'll have to rent a boat. Good luck with all the repairs and cleaning it'll need. I hope your shop and house are safe with you family.

Mike...Do you happen to have enough scrap wood round to build an Ark???

      Sorry to see this Mike. This is pretty typical for us'ns on the east coast during spring snow melt. Thing is, we didn't get the usual onslaught of heavy mountain snows this year so I believe we'll get a break. You folks out there hunker down, stick together and hang on tight. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you...

It's Oregon, so... yeah... it's known for the rain but this is way beyond normal. The house is about 5ft above the existing water line and the shop is another 2ft after that, so we're good ... for now.  It's one hour at a time, always keeping an eye on where the water wants to go.

The weather folks say the rain forecast is basically imbedded for at least the next week, altho' not the "all-at-once" dump that started this. The water's appearing to not rise, but ---then again--- it's not really receding, either. 

A nice little corner of, say, Arizona is starting to sound mighty nice :)

Howdy Mike. Come on down, we can put ya' up for a few. It's cloudy but no water. Hoping the creek don't  rise for ya' no mo'.

Oh man we have had so good flooding up north wow my thoughts and prays brother.


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