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I'm about to glue binding to the back edge of an old Harmony that I had removed to take the back off for repairs.  The repair is done, and I'm reusing the binding.  I ordered the brown binding tape from LMI and was wondering if that tape would lift the laquer from the guitar upon removal?


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Hey Greg- I use regular blue painters masking tape when I'm gluing up bindings and for many other things that I need to hold in place that are not permanate(spell check)  just my 2 cents worth-  Peace, Donald

Donald,  Yep I've got some of that and also the green tape which has even less tack.  Not sure why I bought the tape from LMI....




My experience is the longer the tape stays on (any tape)... the more likely it is to pull lacquer up. The LMI tape is strong and not nearly as "soft-tacky" as one might think, but it still will tend to grab finish after a day or so.... they all do.  You could use a paste wax on the finish, which will give some degree of protection, but how about rubber bands? 

I don't use the blue painters tape any more.  It lifted a BIG chip on a 2006 Gibson ES-335 recently.  It also blemished the guitars top where I masked the pups.  I was able to rub-out the blemishes.  Sure enough, when I checked it's applications on line; 3M says not to use it on lacquer.

My fave is the ubiquitous green tape from 3M.  I still think it smells like cat urine though.

I also like 3M's low tack drafting tape.  Good stuff.

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I agree with Paul , I used some blue tape on a martin OM the other day and it etched into the gloss top overnight , it buffed out ok but it wasnt so easy with my latest creation , it keeps re-appearing through new recoats , a real pain ! Len

For general binding work I don't think you can do better than 3M's Scotch 233+ green masking tape. It does not lift paint and stretches to some degree when it is applied. That gives you great leverage in its' application. Try it, I am sure you will like it!

I don't use tape at all I just use thick C.A and it works good for me. And as far as not being able to get it apart after if some time it needs to come off I just router it off. You can always see wether you are getting a good fitt or not all the time.Bill.............

I use Frog Tape... much better than that blue painters tape. Never had any problem with it. AND, it is 1000000% better for painting!  Never allows any paint to seep under the ege!

I use the jig described in the steel string guitar construction by Irving Sloane which utilizes rubber bands to hold the binding in place. It is also great to mold newly bent binding to the binding ledge prior to gluing. No issues with tape lifting the finish.  I use plain old white glue since it dries clear and you can take your time with the process.


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