The thick E string in a set of strings with a round core was buzzing. I tightened the ball end and even put thin superglue on the ball end and the windings close to it, but it was still buzzing. Nothing I did made the buzz go away. Then I replaced the string with a new one of the same brand and the buzz was gone. It must have been the string itself that was buzzing! Have anyone else had this experience?

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Yes, when all else fails chasing a buzz, change the strings.  What or how it works, I have no idea.  But it can work!

I had something similar once. Fresh set of strings, one string played out of tune significantly up the neck when properly tuned to pitch open. Instrument was properly intonated. It was like some fret positions were shifted on the fretboard for that one string. Couldn’t figure it out, replaced the string and all was good. Had a really close look at that bad string and could not see an obvious fault with it. Was just glad it was the bum string and not me going crazy.


Over the years, this has happened to me several times. It seems that occasionally, in manufacture, the winding will be loose on the core, and buzz. I don't  know of a fix other than to replace it. I'm dating myself, a bit, but I recall a buzzing wound third that I hated to loose, because it gave me a sitar sound that was the rage at the time...<G>

Thanks for the replies, good to know that this is a "thing". I thought I was having a bad spell or something! :-)

Years ago I had a few sets of strings from one maker that consistently had bad intonation.  I even took my guitar to a luthier to see if it had a problem. Apparently the maker had a batch or two that had a defect. They replaced the bad sets but I avoided the brand for a while just because of the bother. I’ve used the brand since with no problem. The guitar continues to have perfect intonation, or as close as it gets. Everything matters which is why chasing buzzes is so much “fun.” 



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