Great mother of toilet seat!! Where do I find this stuff?

I am looking to buy some thin mother of pearl sheeting, but do not know where to go. I have checked with some companies that sell veneer (formica...etc.) and have had no luck. I know that stew-mac has pickguard material, but it is layered and I am looking for a very thin single ply sheet that would be harder then traditional pickguard material. Does anyone know of a business that I could contact for this. My use for this material will be peghead veneer, fretboard veneer and pickguard for a MayBell Guitar. Once I saw a table at the goodwill covered in the stuff, but they were asking over $100.00, perhaps that would have been a good deal?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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LMII also
Never purchased from these guys before but it looks like they may have what your after.
Too bad they've discontinued the "psychedelic" - ah, passed youth.

not answering your question here (which seems to have been answered already anyhow) but i thought you might find this interesting. my old teacher used to make his own pearloid tuning buttons by slicing into the outer layer of a bowling ball. then he'd cut out, shape, and polish 'em up. time consuming, but a fun adventure in recycled art.
That is pretty interesting, I will have to keep on the look out for an old bowling ball when I am at the thrift stores. Do you happen to know what he/she used to slice to ball open?
i'm pretty sure he said he cut it carefully on the bandsaw. i suppose he made some sort of a jig to hold the ball as he pushed it through, so it wouldn't roll, but i didn't witness the cutting process. i did see parts of the project along the way, and i sort of remember the pearly plastic stuff only going in about maybe 3/4inch, and then some other material forms the core. i would tread carefully and slowly.
Thank you all for the helpful information. I consider myself lucky to know that so many people here are willing to pass along advise. It is appreciated.
This link is Truly the Mother of all sources:

Every guitarist should have this luxury!


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