Has anyone ever taken a neck out of a Gurian steel string guitar? I haven't yet but I'm about to do a neck reset on one and I want to know more about the type of neck joint he used before I begin.

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You might want to contact Gurian at his web site. Also, see Frank's page below.

Look at the side faces of the neckblock. IIRC Gurian guitars had a mortise/tenon joint locked by tapered pins driven sideways through the assembly. I used to sell them; I should know, but I have reassigned those neurons...

Neck extension glued as normal.

Hello Jack.

Check this forums archives. I think this question has already been asked and answered a few times.

Good luck with your project :)

Thanks Paul: I don't see any headings in this forum labeled "Archives" so I can't figure out how to see any past discussions on this topic. Maybe you can tell me how to navigate to those.I don't have much experience on this site.

Jack, is descended from If you've never been to, go. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Look under All Discussions  above your picture at the top of the page Jack.


Sorry for my oversight. I should have included the info that our friend, Bill, just gave you.

Thx for the 'save' Bill :)

Jack, did you visit the link posted above?  Franks shows one in detail.


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