Some fun stuff I found working on instruments 

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Maybe not my worst find, but the latest. While replacing an old mandolin top that had caved-in at the bridge, I discovered why it had caved.  Some important structural braces had failed and the "fix" was, apparently, for someone to just close their eyes, pour a cup of glue inside and hope for the best!  

It's so hideous that I can't bring myself to toss it out. Yikes. 

Hmm, looks like they got that bottom brace glued back down.

Here is another gluing 101, a German archtop that crossed my bench sometime back...

There is a Black spot between the screw hole in the center and the upper left's a cricket smashed into the glue. Tidy job, don't you think?

Did it belong to a member of Buddy Holly's band?

"Did it belong to a member of Buddy Holly's band?"

Maybe inspired by....

This was recorded in 1984, before the guy playing it decided it would be a good idea to work on it.

Holy cow that is bad! 

I don't understand , with you guys so far apart geographically, how my work keeps showing up on your benches...

Now that's funny ;)

This is not really that bad, it's a band aid, but a little funny :) 

How about this for a subtle bit of pickup fitting on a 1937 Epi Triumph? Took a lot of restoration work ...

Best wishes



I am currently resurrecting this 1934 Epiphone Spartan. I got it, from a fella who found it, as is, at a flea market. Looks like someone began to 'fix' it, with fiberglass & polyester resin(coating the top & sides, fiberglass inside on a long crack), then lost interest...


Here we go again :)

Another one.. 



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