Helo ,

Please see attached photo..

Harmony Archtop

Birch construction

Faux flame and Faux binding.

Acetone spill, well can see the result. Is it worth it trying to restore Faux finish?

If so any suggestions/tutorials? What kind of paint to use?




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Big hard job. I'd go for nitrocellulose paints and finish. I'd start with with white, then mask the place where the binding should appear, then try to match the surrounding black. Unmask and apply some clear coats.


Worth a try I think

strip the whole top and varnish it
In all reality, I'd probably try to restore the finish.... then end-up stripping the whole top down and starting-over!  If nothing else, it's a good exercise in touch-up but a redo is in order. Just my 2cents.
I think it would be wiser, easier, faster... to strip it, and refinish it totally.

Guitars not worth the effort to refinish. Maybe paint or finish the damaged spot, looks like black lacquer would do it, then hand paint in the white lines best you can.

Otherwise I'd leave it like it is.



What Jim just said. That is about exactly what they did at the factory. Can I ask, who spilled the acetone?

Spilling the Acetone, that would have to be Me...



Happily its not really a very valuable guitar...

For fun I may try to paint it and see how good a job I can do..





Alphonse ,I did a similar thing with an old Harmony and used a liquid automotive laquer pigment mixed into shellac, in my case a little black and a little umber. It matched almost undetectable.I the did a shellac finish following Frank's mando shellacing article. Fun, but certainly hobby stuff!
acetone seems to work great on this guitar...try another spot


I finally gt around to working on this ...

Spayed with black laquer and so far so good.

I am using concentrated white pigment mixed with laquer to

paint in the faux binding. Problem... too white!

any suggestions on what to add to pigment to add a bit of yellow/amber look.




I have some similar age instruments which have that yellowed look - I recall that it looks like a yellowing clear coat over the white. You could use a yellowish clear laquer to put a coat over the white, which won't affect the black areas much.



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