I have a few questions regarding a restoration of a Harmony Monterey and it seems that I read a post by someone on the forum that specialized in Harmony's.  If so, I need to contact them or have them contact me.




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Hi Dale,

 Not that it's definitive but I don't recall anyone that "specialized in Harmony" on this forum. Don't let that keep you from asking your questions. Even if no one here knows the answer, it's often the case that one or more of us can direct you to other sites that may help you.

May have been another forum.  But thanks anyway, will see if anyone else responds before I post my questions.  Wouldn't have taken the repair but the guy wanted it restored for his grandfather, at any price.

Go ahead with your questions, and please post a photo or two as well. 

There is a Harmony website, of course:

My first mandolin was a Harmony Monterey. Would have been a 1962. I'm tempted to say it was awful, but it played and it tought me that i could work on and even improve instruments. It had painted-on red/black "figure" and tuners I had to turn with pliers (I was only 13).
What do you want to know about them?

Greg, You hit it, trying to figure out how they painted the burst with the fake flame maple.  Customer wants it to be original.  Everything else I have pretty much figured out. 


watchout...I don't think anyone should try to live up to the "original" condition condition....unless you completely trust him.Gotta have a little give in there somewhere!How about really "close to"?


I always picture the old factory hands hanging the guitar behind some mini-blinds and spraying to get the flame.  Then spraying a regular burst over that... 

I refinished one in the Gibson colors for a man down in Florada one time when i was down there for the winter and it turned out realy nice. I would not even try to do that fake flame maple Bill.................

I think hobo is very close. I'd make a mask from thin cardboard and hang it an inch or less in front of the mandolin. Spray black through the mask for flame, remove mask and add vignette.

I've seen faux flame done with a brush, I think the real fun will be painting on the binding.

I have seen a refrigerator rack employed for this. Book matched too.

Wow! Some great ideas, keep them coming!  I will begin some tests shortly.  Thanks to everyone.



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