Headstock repair jig that I would LOVE to get the plans for!

  •  Have a quick look at this vid. The maker is A2 Guitars,(I have no clue!) but is articulate here, gives terrific detailed description, and I am positive this person probably has a ton more jigs at his shop. I invited him to come over and post on this Forum too. I hope he joins, as people with as much instrument repair experience as this gent has, would be a welcome addition here. Anyone know whi the Gent is? 
  • A2 guitars repair jig

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Kerry: I'd suggest you post the URL to this site on the YouTube Comments.  Frank has two sites that might show up in a search.


Larry, YOUTUBE does not allow that.

My bad!  But I think you're looking for this one:


Didn't watch the vid (connection too slow) but if that's the right place, you're talking about David Collins, our own Hesh Breakstone's partner.

Attempting to post a pic of David Collins' jig (if the pic shows up, is this the one ?)

I'm with you Kerry - I'd love to see the plans for this jig and to have his comments posting here!

Excellent Robert! How do you suppose the headstock angle is actually adjusted? I need some more photos from a few angles. 

I see no mechanism...  And what are the name for this style of clamps? I have several projects that they could be used for... Thanks for digging this up Robert! Perhaps Hesh will chime in? 

I don't know exactly how that jig works in all detail . I don't know David, other than being in awe of his creations on a few forums.

I think I thought long ago that if David worked for NASA, I could beam to Mars for a 10 minute cigarette break without a hitch.

I rarely dabble into broken headstock territory (got 2 or 3 under my belt during my 20 years of other more dedicated areas of guitar "repair" Fretwork has been my main thing))).

But ever since I saw that Collins jig, It stayed in the back of my mind.

I even though how maybe I could adapt one of these little cable dish TV mounts into a jig like that 

"Toggle clamps"  (had a few and didn't come to me right away)

Got a couple more pics, but they just echo the awsomeness, not actually anything that's going to guide our mortal fingers to build it quite so well as what we see there.

Absolutely awesome..... 

I think so too. I think Mr, Collins was once a machinist, if I remember correctly from some of his postings on the net..He took those pics of his jig (just the dish mounting thing pic is mine). I hope he doesn't mind that I found then on the web and posted them.

Really detailed guy he is. 

Yeah this is some of David Collin's most excellent design work and he is indeed my business partner.  This is just one of many jigs that David created and that we use every day in our Ann Arbor repair business.

I'll ask David to drop in as he is already a member here.

We plan on expanding our site to include these jigs and lots of other content in time for those who are interested.

Pretty amazing - seeing the cool ideas that other people have, when those ideas actually work, is so inspiring.


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