I am looking for a single bushing and am wondering if someone here might have 1 to either sell or trade. I have been looking on ebay for a while and have not had luck tracking down a mate to the 5 others. The bushing is 7/16 from end to end and it is a dome shape. I have lots of bushings of different age periods and makes and would be happy to either trade, or simply buy if anyone has one of these lying around. Stupidly, I did not measure the inner diameter of the hole, but I do have some pictures of it.

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I checked at the shop today.  All I could find in that style are small bushings for mando's. 

I was only able to search about 20 minutes as it was a busy day on the bench.  Given that Jim seems to have taken care of your request, do you need me to look again (he probably has 30 lbs. of bushings) on Thursday?

Thx, Paul

I really appreciate you taking the time to search Paul. I think Jim has one for me though. Thanks again, it is appreciated.


I can get this out in the mail to you. 

I just need your mailing address.


Thank you Jim!

Matt Haugen

3432 S. Adams Ave

Milwaukee WI, 53207

Bushing is in the mail.


Thank you again Jim. I really appreciate this.


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