Hello. I am about to build my first guitar. I am going for a solid body, electric, lap slide guitar. The cheaply made plank that inspired me has a single coil pick up. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use a humbucker? I have found a wiring kit for an SG wich I would like to use...

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use what you have.

if the humbucker has 4 wires you could wire it with a switch to have the choice of both or just one coil.

have a look at
Of all the Humbuckers I've heard, the Joe Barden Two Tone (I think that's it) is just about the best. You can coil tap it, so you get a single, and the products are just awesome.
I have made a number of lapsteels this year and have used both humbuckers and single coils. It really depends on the what you like. I have used coil tapped humbuckers and they sound fine but my favorite is still a high output single coil. String spread can also be an issue depending on the bridge you use.


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