Quite a few of the old links that I found on GOOGLE  in last few days are no longer working. It looks like Stewmac, and WD no longer sell the stuff. I have to find a sheet of white to do some repairs... 

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Can you spell it out or show a pic of just what M.O.T.S. is ??'jus curious...

Mother of toilet seat.........Kerry try these guys, write them a note if they don't have any posted. They are in the Sudbury area and wholesale under the name Kessler. It's where all the Northern schools get their fiddles.

Sorry Tim. I hate it when someone uses an acronym and I am out of the loop. It is Mother Of Toilet Seat plastic... 

Another couple of pics for you guys - this one was picked up at an auction a couple of weeks ago:

i was jus' messin' w/ya 'cause I know you like to see stuff and I had actually forgotten I knew what MOTS is/are!!


This IS the guy that John is talking about  Kessler Violin Shop  1-800-377-3187 Peter Kessler  2194 Morgan Road Chelmsford, ONT, POM 1LO.Good luck Bill...............

Right, so the thing that was missing from my last post was that there was supposed to be a link at the end of "Try these guys" 

Kerry spent some years as a touring musician so I knew that he'd know where Sudbury is and it's close to Chelmsford. I've been a customer of Peter Kessler for over 15yrs and have him on speed dial, my vagueness was actually an effort to reference a conversation Kerry and I once had about the fiddle programs up north and my dealings with Kessler.

Bill thank you for picking up the ball that I dropped.


Drum makers still use it.

If anyone knows a more cheap or direct source I'm all ears, but for small quantities this is probably your best bet. Check out their 'Continental' or 'Antique White Pearl'.

If you end up getting any of this, please do check back in and let us know where you ended up getting it and how period correct the new stuff actually looks. Good luck.

Thanks David. I actually found and bookmarked this site last night after I got off of this site.The antique white is 'almost' it. I am sure a tinted brown lacquer will take care of the rest. 


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