and their excellent "FGX" yellow wood glue is already sold out :(

suggestions for a replacement? anybody know anything about titebond 50?

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They're not making this stuff up in the back room. If their supply is sold out maybe they will tell [someone] who they buy it from.

Greg Mirken

cool, i've looked at that but it doesn't tell me much;

my main worries are about actual strength and about creep under stress in say a hot car; i've always assumed the LMI wood glue was better than regular titebond original at least, but i just don't know

after all, it was frank ford's own photo essay about the creep resistance under moderate heat of hot hide glue vs regular titebond on this very forum that got me worrying about stuff like this   

Has anyone found a supplier for Titebond 50 in gallon containers?

Titebond 50 should never be used in instrument building or repairs. 
It will not release with heat if future repairs. 
Titebond ORIGINAL is an industry standard. 
If you need T-50 in a gallon pail, contact Franklin Adhesives by phone and ask them to direct you to a distributor in your locale.  

what are you basing this on? have you used it?

if true then it might be exactly what the doctor ordered for things like headstock breaks where there's no reasonable case for wanting to ever undo the joint but a strong case for having it not soften and creep if left in a hot car

To repair wood joints, an adhesive must be able to release its “hold” using either/and dry heat or steam.
T-50 is specifically formulated to NOT release using heat/water. It’s the woodworking equivalent of epoxy.
Do your homework Walter and some research into industry standard practices and think about the next guy that may have to release the joint.
Do what you like as I bid farewell to giving solid advice and having amateur hacks ignore it.
Have you noticed that the majority of professionals who used to post frequently have become silent on the forum?
It’s b.s. challenges like yours that’s driven them away.
Best of luck with continuing as a hack.
Bye folks.

Calm down and answer the questions:

"what are you basing this on? have you used it?"

i apologize, my questions were not meant as a "challenge", b.s. or otherwise, they were genuine

again, what are you basing your description of titebond 50 acting like epoxy on? i didn't really get that clarity from their website description of it other than a vague mention of it being heat-resistant

if it really resists being opened with heat & even steam, does that also mean it won't creep under moderate heat, tension and time like titebond original can?  

of course there are a whole bunch of guitar building and repair glue joints that it would be a disaster to make non-removable, an acoustic dovetail neck set being the obvious example. seems to me though there are other joints where this is not the case, typically repairs like headstock breaks. if titebond 50 really does act like epoxy in that it won't creep under heat then maybe it's the right tool for that kind of repair job?

i'm not asserting, i'm asking because i genuinely don't know!

yours truly,

an amatuer hack ;)    


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