I need a manual hand drill for drilling side dots. Can anyone suggest a quality tool?

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This is what I like to use.  It's a DeWalt hand-held (and fairly weighty) drill chuck that will accept bits down to .050" or so, although I'd imagine many brands would do.

You can insert the bit so that only a minimum will be exposed. The heft of the chuck helps keep things straight and allows you to slowly hand-turn a nice, even hole. 

I use one these little hand drills. There are no marking on it, but I think this was from a hobby shop. Works well.

Looks like a pin vise would work well here.  Here's some choices:

I have the "Micro Hand Drill" but some of the other choices might be better, including the finger drills.  I also use a $10  General electric screwdriver from Lowes with a chuck setup put together by a friend who does machining--He machined a miniature chuck from eBay or the web to take a hex wrench shaft that fits the screwdriver.  The chuck has several collets so it takes a range of drills.  Nice and slow, helps with my arthritic wrists.  It can wobble a bit In the drill's hex chuck but I use it unless really precise drilling is needed when I wouldn't use a hand drill, anyway.

Thanks, guys. I'll probably try all your suggestions to see what sticks. 

I just used one yesterday. I can't remember where I picked it up. It's not hard to find though. works like an old Yankee drill. Sometimes it's just the ticket.


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