Need to see inside a archtop? Inexpensive endoscope camera...

I have several archtops...some 50's models and I wanted to take a look inside,,,,just because....without breaking the bank on a camera...

So I bought this endoscope with 16 foot lead, waterproof, led lit...for $12 shipped off of Amazon....not expecting much...but it works GREAT!

Comes with a CD to upload the drivers into your PC, just plug the cord into your USB port and you have a full screen view, plus can take a snapshot or "capture"..

Self focusing...I will add a 'foot' to it to hold it in level position when laid on the inside bottom of guitar...but very easy to use and it works!

Pictures are of new Loar 302T archtop I recently purchased and used to test this endoscope out...

Just wanted to pass this along to those that dont use one daily...but would like to have one


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Fortunately, I don't use an endoscope daily.

Just for interest , what is the diameter of the head on the endoscope ? Im trying to get a small diameter one .

They are available in different metric sizes...this one is 5 mm...

Nice find. Thanks for the info.  Tom

 Glen, I can not speak for anywhere else, but up Canada way, these cameras are sold in lots of places. I bought one from PrincessAuto ( a big retail chain up here) that has a tiny TC screen on it. The thing has a horrid resolution,  (3megapixle) bad light, and if you turn it off and do not take the batteries out, you will be pooched in a few days. 

  There are much better options for  a bit more money, and it's a way better quality item that will give you a good decade of use...  Just my opinion. I'm sorry I got mine.

I looked at the handheld models before buying this one that plugs into the PC...and have to say i like this one a as it should...almost instant refocus when moving it around....good resolution etc...The lighting system is adjustable with a thumbwheel at the USB connection so you can reduce glare before taking a still picture..All works I am pretty happy with my $12 purchase..No batteries to mess with either

What's the brand and model of the one you have?  Amazon has several... .


Here it is...they also have smaller, down to 3m if you need to get in real tight spots..

Different prices for the same item here...

I too have something very similar to what you bought glen. It works really well I paid like $20 buck for it maybe and I attached it to a small inspection mirror that extends. Works great for moving it around while inside of an instrument.

Yeah..I wouldn't have passed this information on if mine didn't work so well...but like all other things from overseas, mine may work great and the next one may not work at all...Then again $12 is not going to break me, today at least, either

I have a flexible shaft tool I may use to attach it to with some duct tape so it is easier to control the horizontal plane angle while using it...

One thing i really like is it using your PC monitor...mine is full screen so easy viewing..

Yea that's what i liked about it, you could hook it up to the computer with the big screen.

I have an endoscope but find it hard to control when it is inside a box. What solutions do you have for aiming one of these?


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