Hey guys how is everyone doing I am sending good vibes now $$$$$: )

My question is a simple one here I have a newer American Fender J Bass ,Maple finger board with finish , it gives the appearance that the nut slot has been painted over in black and top coat over that and this nut needs to be replaced . So the question is do I score with a razor or have you found a better way of pulling this one out : ) Thanks and I am look forward to new ideas 

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Frank the only way I ever got one of them kind of nuts out was to saw it down the centre and take it out in pieces. Maybe somone has a better way. Good luck Bill.................

Hi Frank,

William is referring to the nuts that are stuck in by glue or physical pressure and his advice is as it should be:  I believe you are asking how to break the lacquer line at the end of the nut where the neck solid finish extends over the end of the nut.  Attempt to remove the nut with the lacquer adhering to the end of the nut results in scallop shaped sections of the finish chipping out.

I use a precision sharp hobby knife with a square end heated up with a ciggy lighter (of any other heat source) and with the aid of magnifying goggles, cut the lacquer through around the end of the nut.  I extend the cut into the solid finish to allow the end of the nut to move without damaging the surrounding lacquer.  The hot knife blade requires little pressure to go through the lacquer (therby minimising "pressure " slips) and is accurate - the action to cut is a "press-in" of the hot blade rather than a moving slice. To find the depth of the nut have a look under magnification - you may see a line or lacquer crack - otherwize use a creeping series of cuts until the bottom of the nut shows.

If you cut to the line or slightly too big it's simple to refurbish the area once the nut is replaced as a slight natural pocket will exist to build up the finish again.   Personally, and in consideration to luthiers who come after me I leave the full nut end unfinished, except for a lick of cosmetic finish so the nut can be removed easier next time. 

This lazy practice of the volume manufacturers of lacquering straight over the nut end is not one of my favorite things - it'd be the same if the car makers welded your wheel nuts on and told you it looked tidy!



+1 on Bill's comment.  It's the only safe way to remove the nut without compromising the integrity of the slot AND the cosmetics.

BTW: the 'black paint' you refer to is black binding. 

Have a great week FRANK (-:

Hi Paul it looks like binding yea but then the slot would need to be very shallow or like nipping the tang on a bone nut I think it is color sprayed I am not under the impression its traditional Black plastic binding but I have been wrong in the past . so I like what Bill said Ive done that before cut through the center and find the bottom and then apply what rusty says to do and I am feeling better now thanks guys , I had to lay the repairs down for over a year now and this is my opening week of repairs and a very special customer has requested a Brass Nut and a few other Mods and this one was bugging me but I am confident now after a refresher thanks again : ) 

Be sure to score along the fingerboard side and the back too with a sharp knife. Run it right along the nut/fingerboard joint.  The lacquer (poly) can pull up there too.

yep thanks Christian J

My crazy guess was right nipped like a fret Tang Ahhhhhhhhh tension breaker it was held in by Lacquer only .So it is real binding on this one , I am gonna cut the rest of the slot right through the binding and expose the ends of the new nut because I am not gonna attempt to build a brass nut around this Binding .


Aw c'mon, there's gotta be a jig for nipping the edges off a brass nut. At least there must be a Youtube video about it.

You are a lucky man Frank .If it had been mine I would likely of had to take a cold chisel and slege to it .looks good .Bill...............

I did nip the tang I am happy with it Ill post it this evening when I am done :):):):) $$$$ sending good vibes Now $$$$

Well I made the Nipped tang on the American Fender Brass nut I used my 2 hp router to nip it, hand fit into the slot ,shaped by hand , buffed polished this one took my entire day but its worth it thanks guys for your support :) sending good vibes your way now $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Beautiful metal work FRANK (-:

In the second pic, is it an optical illusion or has the binding separated on the treble side at the nut?

Best of luck my friend. (:


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