After discussing Ov*tions on this forum and at the very same time the "low end line..." or Appl*use instruments on another forum AND having had to actually work on one of these pieces of crap this week too.... I have an idea that I wanted to gauge the interest level on.

We could form a new organization that might be called PUTOO which could be pronounced put-to and stands for "People for the unethical treatment of Ov*tions."

In so much as the very definition of an "organization" is a group of people, more than one, with a common interest our common interest could be new and unique ways to defame, destroy, abuse, draw and quarter, run over, blow up, shoot, crush with a beer truck, etc. Ov*tions and especially their cheaper cousins Appl*use instruments.

We could have a newsletter loaded with pictures and a web site too with videos of new and unique ways to destroy these pieces of junk.... ;)  Please note smiley face....

A small annual dues might also provide discounts on psychological therapy for Luthiers who unfortunately may have been exposed to one of these things....  Workshops could also be provided with the topic matter being tactful ways to inform repair clients that these things are not worth the price of the prospective repairs.

PUTOO could also write letters to the editors of many, many local and national newspapers promoting the great fun in abusing these things as they are destroyed.  A door to door campaign were volunteers (in haz-mat suits) offer locals efficient, free, disposal services too!

Any interest?  Paul?  ;)

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Consider me a charter member Hesh. Here's a few ideas I've had along the way.

1. Sleds. Remove the top (great kindling) and attach two steerable ice-skate runners to the headstock via a pivoting cross member. Sit the butt into the bowl and let the feet ride on the crossmember. Great fun for the kiddies.

2. Weathervanes. Fairly easy project and perfect for roof decoration on music stores, repair shops, and any place intelligence resides.

3. Mailboxes. Comes with its own mounting post.

4. Birdhouses. Wouldn't that be cool hanging in the tree outside the kitchen window.

Just a few ideas to help get things going. Next up we need to figure out what to do with those darn un-stackable cases.

Charter member???  I want to make you the President of the organization after that post!!! ;)

The only problem with the bird house idea is that it's entirely possible that these things are not fit for a bird to crap on either....  Kind of like if crap could crap one might have an Ov*tion....  Me... I'm not opinionated....;)

The acronym is so close to P'tui, which perhaps should be the pronunciation.

Is it possible to recycle one of those horrible Appl*use with the aluminum fretboard at the recycling center? Should they have a 5 cent deposit on them?

And one of those Ad*mas models with the small holes for a birdhouse - brilliant.

I'm in!!!!!!

I'll post more later once I digest the possibilities of this opportunity.

Can we add a branch that deals with floating trem's?

THANKS Hesh :-)

I've had the displeasure of dealing with several of these over the years, usually bridge and/or crack issues.

Just a couple weeks ago I finally referred an owner of a US-made Balladeer with part of its heel missing back to the "Parent Company" for service... that felt GREAT! This thing had what could best be described as an aluminum reverse-dovetail that the neck fit on to. Just so happens they sell complete neck assemblies for these on the website. Go figure.

I once visited a shop in the Chicagoland area that had an Ov*tion proudly displayed on the wall behind the counter with a steak knife driven into the top and "I do not work on salad bowls!" written in black Sharpie.

I love it - a steak knife through the thing...  Great way to get the message out there without saying a single word!

As I like to say, Ov*tions aren't fit to burn.

Likely toxic fumes.... ;)

I have changed my definition of perfect pitch.  Its when you throw a Balladeer into the dumpster and it hits an Appl*use and that gets an Ov*tion.

Excellent!!!  I know a guy who at my urging attempted to throw his Ov*tion away.  He put his trash out by the street on a Sunday evening and propped up the Ov*tion in plain site so that if someone wanted it they might see it and take it.  The next morning his trash had been emptied and the Ov*tion had been picked up, likely examined, and then pitched back into his yard.  Guess the garbage guys did not wish to contaminate their truck load... :)

If I could to inject a note of caution.

I understand that the ideas budding here are exciting but in the face of building enthusiasm for making things "ovation" please, please remember to not  keep too much "source material" in one place. There is no telling what could happen if  the ovation-ness reached critical mass. 

OK, I made some calls and the "Sea Turtle Rescue Society" is interested in the bowl backs to replaced damaged and diseased tortoise shells.

The St. Louis Zoo is interested in them as codpieces for their elephants.

I also asked my local friends if they had any suggestions and one of them said they should use that stuff to make helicopter blades.  Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

I'll continue my quest & report back.

P :-)


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