Hi, all!

A customer of mine brought this back from Egypt. Unfortunately, and inevitably, it was damaged in the hold of the plane. Wondering what, if anything, I ought to do to strengthen the damaged area. In many ways, it would appear that a straight glue-up would be pretty much the same strength as the original joint: with same amount of long grain contact? Any thoughts most welcome!

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Hi Keith,

I have one on my bench in the same condition. I'm planning on gluing it with slow set epoxy since the one I have is a clean break.

Anyone else have a solution?


I'd be inclined to put a couple of splines down the neck and into the headstock, probably with some sort of "L" shape on the top.

But before I did that I'd thin some TiteBond I 10%, spring the crack in the neck open and inject the glue as far as I could. Use a thin guitar string cutoff end to help poke the glue down the crack. Clamp it for 48 hours. Then do the splines. 

I think glue will do. But maybe a wooden dovel or two through the fretboard? With a cap on the end with the fretboard wood to hide the dovels.

Ha! Almost identical! I'm just going to go ahead and epoxy it. Still in two minds about adding additional strength.

Just for future reference, I used West System Epoxy and just clamped it to the bench: you can get a narrowish clamp right in the pegbox right where you need it. No problems. Restringing the thing was the hardest part of the job!


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