Looking for some thoughts on this repair I don't have the missing piece. I have considered replacing the side but I'd like to repair it if I can.

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Iwould replace the side.
That's two for side replacement. What brand of axe is this?
I wasn't really looking for a vote on replacing the side I was looking for ideas on patching the side. It's Framus heirloom they don't mind paying to fix it.
if it came to me I would pass if your into this kinda work Ill send you more business

I would reglue everything I could, reinforce the sides and then, with a dremel router, make a clean edge for the patch. Then I would glue pilars across the hole, bend a patch, cut and adjust it, and glue it in place. Some sanding, color touchups,pore filling, and a full side refinish.

I've made this job (a smaller one) on a es-125 here:

Pierre, what an amazing job on that 125. SOOO much work! Thanks so much for photo documenting it too...
Really fine restoration work. I'm in awe of the refinish, the coloring is fantastic.
There is a lot of nice work on those pages. I really liked the details you have on the inlays page. Good stuff.
great work P-A!!!
Thank you. All that is a bit old. I need to find some time to refresh it. Glad the color of the 125 suits you, it's not a standard one!

duct tape & a prayer


Patching that side would be more work than replacing it IMO.


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