Anyone there know what size socket/wrench to adjust a PRS truss rod??? Steel nut, not the brass one.


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Hi Chris.

Per their website: 5/16".

Best of luck (:

Thanks Paul...oddly, 5/16' doesn't seem to fit.  This nut is slightly smaller!  That's what has me stumped.


Is this the Korean SE version? Metric?

If it's an import, try a 7mm... (.275+").... just about a hair bigger than a 17/64". 

Thanks Mike !  WIll give it a try!

Is it an SE Model Chris?

Paul..... yes it is a SE model.  Is that a difference?


Yes Chris, there's a major difference.

The SE models are manufactured in Korea and most, if not all, of it's hardware is metric.

In my experience, the SE models are incredibly fine guitars for their price and can easily be mistaken for a USA made PRS.  No foul (:

Have a great week buddy (-:

Thank you all, for the help.  I called PRS today, it is a 7mm wrench for the SE models... Unfortunately, my  Craftsman metrics are too thick walled to fit well into the grooved out area at the rod/, their special fitting wrench can be be ordered directly from PRS (which I did).

You can find it at this link;


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