I came across some tools and wood for sale where I bought an under-repair body and a new neck for an Alvarez guitar.  The model number is illegible, the serial # is 18177.  I had to rebuild the dovetail in the neck block with thin strips of mahogany then sand, then refit the neck.  The top had some scars and stains from previous repair work. The sunburst was done to cover these. New ebony finger board and bridge, new frets,new tuners, new bone saddle and nut,  finish on top and polish all over.  I purposely left the finish a little rough, keeps it looking it's age. This guitar sounds really good, plays well and has a very warm and rich treble tone.

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 What a list of work! I hope the owner loves all of it! 

damn man nice work. hope the owner enjoys it.

Rick - good job there - I hope you'll keep this guitar as a memento and an example of your work!

Nice job....reminds me I've got a Hensel Minerva that needs to get finished

John, how about some pics of the Hensel? They are so rare, and I have only seen a few in person... Thanks either way...


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