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Yeah, I knew there are reasons that I only do this for a hobby.  I didn't know that this was one of them but it certainly is now.

This job isn't always pretty.
Oh yummy. Looks like green play dough!
I have to work on this guitar today..... And all that "tone.....jam...." Is making me sick.... Nice music to barf by though....


Well done. . .

Thanks Frank - this is the first video I've tried shooting, editing, and uploading entirely from my iphone. Amazing what these things can do with some lens clips and free apps.
What are these lens clips and apps you use? I wouldnt use a camera enough to justify buying something decent, but I do frequently have my IPad handy. Its good enough to illustrate a point for general purposes, but getting sharp details/macro shots with it eludes me.
I use the OlloClip for my 4s. It has wide angle, fisheye, and obviously macro. No sure if they have anything to fit an iPad though.

The owner probably also trashes a set of strings halfway through the first set.  I knew that guy.  He could play my guitar for 5 minutes and new strings were toast.  

He asked me to help him with one of his axes.  The lacquer on the back of the neck was more like gel than a hard surface.  He hadn't rotted the frets, yet, but there was some green around them.  Can't remember what I did for it but I kept it for a long time and it was a lot better after gassing off his sweat, untouched by human hands.

An unfortunate accident of body chemistry.  He should have picked better parents.


What the hell is in those fretboard zits? Is that Turtle wax?

I don't know but I had to fret dress this sucker today which included step one.... which was to clamp each and every fret firmly just to squeeze out the tone jam/snot so that the glue had something to grab onto....  Might not have been so bad if the stuff was not green in color - it was enough to make me miss my lunch....

Reminds me of Cheech and Chong....

What's that...

Don't know




and so on and so forth....

The green color looks like the verdigris on the Statue of Liberty. Maybe the fret slots need to be cleaned with Brasso. ;-)


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