So I've been saving all these little scraps of wood for the past several years, and I finally came up with a use for them, little stomp boxes. The aluminum is 1/16" X 2.5", cost me a little over $1.50 a foot. The insides of the wood sides are shielded with metal from scrap aluminum cans. I made a wooden die and used the drill press with a sheet metal "knife" as a press brake, so to speak:

The great thing is that any pieces of wood with defects, especially on one side, work great for this kind of thing. Anyone else got any ideas?

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great idea thanks
y not some crazy head caps and heal caps
Tools, Fixtures and Gauges Oh My:

Mac Make one of my New Guitar Chair additions.(See topic.) One piece below the chair.One piece rising at 60 degrees.One piece coming out to rest the guitar on,with some padding.No need for a backache footstool.Both feet stay on the floor.
Not my idea but check out what Max Krimmel ( a very fine builder I met in the early 80's) did with his scraps:


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