Hi all.

I have been playing acoustic guitar for years,

and now would like to try some electric.

I have a cheap Strat copy that is OK at best,

but I would like to buy a decent electric,

but am torn between a Stratocaster and

Telecaster. In your opinion, which is

better, Strat or Tele..?


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There is no "better one". They are both good instruments.

In acoustic terms, that's like asking "Which is better: a Dreadnought or a Grand Auditorium?" The answer to that is; whichever best suits your wants & needs.

They both have their attributes and niggles.

Try each and make your decision based upon your personal preference.
What Paul said. I'd add, however, that a Strat is probably capable of more different tones than a Tele, but neither one could replicate the other.
It might be weird, but the only Strat I ever liked was a 74 I owned a long time ago. Since then, several forms of the Telecaster have come my way, and I have never owned another Strat.

You can wire anything any way with the right pickguard and routing, so make one the way you want. I prefer the weight and feel of a Tele body.

There are also no regulations against owning one or more of each.
Buy the one that sounds and plays like you want it to. Spend the same amount of money on your amp. Rusty.
My two cents - keep it simple. I have never liked either guitar when there is a humbucker added - it just doesn't fit in really well for me.

I have a late 80's Japanese tele that is the bee's knees - very tight, easy on the hand, good pickups, sounds great. I've played a couple of decent Strats, but never been really blown away - at least, blown away from one I could actually afford.

I do like the V-neck s-1 switching American strats, they have some real neato options, though sometimes having more options is really limiting to good playing.
Both have provided me with hours of entertainment over the years, and I still grab the Tele first for Fender style stuff. I love the sounds, the basic feel, and the control layout. Play a stack of them before you pick one out.
Starcaster, hands down ;)
Starcaster? Did you mean Stratocaster, or is Starcaster something different?
I was making a little joke. You can read about Starcasters here:

It's not exactly Fender's most popular model, but some people like them.
I've been checking and cleaning and setting up one for a customer. Heavy as hell and not that great sounding in my opinion. But it's a quite intersting sound and look!
HI Art, I can only speak for my self here,However I happen to own more than one of each, (some with "hot rod electronics)
But here's my own personal choice of Fender guitars.. I have a custom made clone of a 1965 Jazzmaster that will do any
thing I ask it to from way back rock and roll to country to blues to jazz and old style classic music from the 20's-50's
Just my two cents worth but like it has been said here already-- "its a matter of personal choice and what kind of music you wish to play".
Peace- Donald
Thanks Donald. Seems like I have some research to do to find the right guitar for me.
Money may well be the determining factor, as I cannot afford too much at this time.
My Cort Special Series SP-3 guitar I have now sounds pretty good, and it is a close
copy of a Stratocaster, so I may end-up with a real Strat someday.


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