The 1959 that got away and its little marshell head and cab too!.

Had to add the wizard of oz theme there ( I am running sound for my local high school and we are doing this). But my point is this is not a question but a tale of a vintage that was so close to being in my army of instruments but got away along with a plexi head and cabs. Two years ago I was close To buying a 1959 les paul standard. I  went out and looked at it played the cabs and the head all sounded great very good very mean sounding with those cabs. I went over to this guys house many many many times not just to play the guitar and cabs but also I was dateing his daughter too ( I was 15 cut me a break guys lol). Then one day when I was over to see his daughter he broke the news too me. He was offered full price for it from a collector and regradless of weather I was seeing his daughter he took his price over mine. The cabs and head were sold that same day as well and too the same person. If any of you have one of these storys of gear that got away post it I love hearing these storys cause mine is close but no bone.

Ian Supplee

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Subscribe to Vintage Guitar magazine. You will dig it. Sounds like girl friend Dad knows the score.

Hi Ian,

Try Teenage -  A nice enough story (and we all have them) but it's probably just a little out of place here.   If you wish to play my original 75 Plexi JMP or 79 Metal Faced JMP Super Lead (Metropoulos wired) you can drop by anytime but it's not for sale and my daughter has sworn off dating musicians. 

Regards, Rusty.

Smart daughter ;)

Rusty I had to add the daughter part because the story would have been confuseing without it lol. but eh it was one of those crap mouments in life that you wish you would have stayed away from the girl lol.

Ian Supplee

but yes the dad won on this score as a matter of fact lol


Rusty, if i ever get out your way i will take you up on that offer to play the marshells you own lol. thank you guys i just had to share this story i knew all of you would get a kick out of it.


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