A few weeks ago I was doing a bit of shop cleanup, and ran into the last bunch of the fret tang filing jigs I'd made for sale at LMI.   They'd decided to offer a different setup, and I quit making the ones I designed based on the production tool I'd seen at Tacoma Guitar Company in 2001.

So, I listed them on "Frank's Corner" of the Gryphon web site, and mentioned them on the Official Luthiers Forum.  In short order, 15 of the 21 I'd fully assembled have sold, leaving just a few in the box.  There are parts to assemble a a dozen or a few more, but I won't have a firm count until I put them all together.

Regardless, I don't expect to make them again, so if you have an interest in one, now's the time:

Here's a link to the page with more info and pix:

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While I'm at it, I should also mention that I still have some Jack the Gripper tools listed on Frank's Corner.    StewMac still has them in the catalog, but last time I ordered stock to make them, a bunch of the stainless rods were damaged by UPS - thanks to poor packaging by the supplier they got scratched up a bit. 

I made the tools up anyway, and have them listed as "Factory Seconds" at a reduced price.  That also gives me the opprortunity to unload a few of the little wrench tools that had acquired some light rust spots.

Here's a shortcut to that page - just choose the "seconds" in the option window  - if no such option shows up, it means they're gone:

Worth every cent, if you don't have one.  It's my "go-to" tang-remover anytime I'm doing SS refrets and don't want to risk unwanted tang burrs.

Even if you've got a great stainless cutter, like the Summit tool from Jescar, there are some cutters that will tend to distort the wire ends or leave a small burr.  

In that light, this particular tool is a fine "second-op" tool for cleaning-up any residual burr after the initial cutting.  

Highly recommended :)

I also have, and love, this fret tool. Definitely worth the investment. Thanks Frank.

Just ordered one!

I anticipate this being the ultimate solution to streamlining a process I've needed to refine for years.

I've had a Gripper for quite some time now and love it.

Thanks Frank!!

This is my fret tang grinder. Takes only minutes to make one: cut out a piece of polycarbonate (acrylic, masonite or

thin ply / lauan work); cut out round hole slightly larger than a cutoff wheel; use fret slotting or cheap pull saw to cut slot perpendicular to edge of workpiece & hole; double stick tape to bottom of Dremel router base.  

With cutoff wheel flush to workpiece/jig table, run frets into the wheel to remove tang.  Voila.



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