I've been getting away with an auxiliary bed on my thickness planer and using a friends thickness sander but I need my own.I have some parts assembled but I'm looking for some ideas, pointers, tips advice form others that have gone down this path. 

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I am looking for Velco wrap and several grits of hook and loop sandpaper. Can anyone steer me? 

Grizzly carries what you need.

Well, I went to the local Fabric store and bought self adhesive 3 inch wide velcro (6 meters) then found a link for a small chain store up Canada way , and just ordered 5 rolls on 80 grit, 150, 220, 320, and 400. The last thing the guy who answered the phone said, was that he was the Owner of the Business, and he is just on Vancouver Island, which means I may receive my order before the end of the week! 

 Thanks for everyone's help. I am almost convinced, that instead of building this machine as a regular drum sander, I will be making it into a flatmaster sander instead! Actually, with what I already have cut, I may just make the machine do BOTH! I will post pics soon. Thanks so much to John for PMs and all his help, and all of you also who responded!

 Then, I bought THIS! 

 Kerry many years ago I worked on a four drum sander in a factory and the sander drum's were wraped with felt and then the paper you could sand all day with the same paper on sanding hard Maple. I have thought about that every time I see the new drums with the paper just wraped on the bare steel it is no wonder the paper don't last long it get's so hot it distroys the paper. The same thing with that typ of sander you just bought it would have had a hardwood backer on it instead of steel. O well I guess someone has to keep the paper MAN in businses.Just a pasing thought Bill................

Hi Nick. I'm really awestruck by the appearance of your sander. Do you mind me asking what your outlay was in GBP as I would like to consider it for a future project.



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hi dave,

drum.  500mm wide, approx 130mm  o/d, aprrox 3mm wall thickness = £20 [ ebay ].

shaft.   , 700mm long 0ne inch thick.                                                =£15-20 [ ebay ].

pillow bearing blocks one inch [ pair ]                                                   = £15 [ ebay ].

V -belt  - type 245 [ if i recall ]                                                                 = £8 [ ebay ].

FLAT table top [ off cut measures 950mm x 540mm  ]                           =  £10. B&Q

rod end bearings for under table  [ pair ]                                               = £10 [ ebay ].

NVR safety power switch.                                                                     =  £15 [ ebay ].

2hp 2800 rpm motor [ used or new ]                                                  = £40-70[ ebay ].  

i still have some parts available to make another machine.  

the other parts i make myself.

the table is something i grab from my workplace [ ex computer station table ].

all guards / dusthood i make and weld to suit the machine.

if more help needed please email me at

Thanks Nick- That's both helpful and very encouraging. I feel that with a little impetus, I could get off my backside and have a go. I've spent ages considering the Jet 16-32, wondering if it would be up to the job and hearing so many contradictory opinions. I don't think I'm prepared to risk £1000 on an unknown quantity, but this seems a far better option for the price.

I see you're a Norwich man- I'm a Tractor Boy, living near Ipswich. You wouldn't happen to be a David Van Edwards alumnus?



dave, could you please get back to me via

 Nick, my buddy Terry was just over here looking at my drum sander, and I told him about your post about getting the end caps made for you aluminum sander. He came up with the idea of getting pulleys machined to the exact inside diameter, and attaching them by drilling and tapping the holes. And the shaft holes are already set up for proper sized shafts! Sure sounds like it might be a winning idea.What do you think?  

sounds like a winner to me kerry.

my end caps are around 1/2 inch thick so when squeezed into the drum they feel nice and stable in use. i would avoid aluminium for end caps, the shafts keysteel would damage it with all those start-ups.[ my motor starts quite suddenly as i use a 2 pole "capacitor start" motor.


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