My project is  a cigar box uke.  I've thinned the peghead veneer to ,040" and want to glue it onto the peghead.  I've got HHG, Titebond II, superglue, epoxy and gorilla glue.

I'm thinking HHG would be the correct substance to use, but would like some input. 

I looked around for veneer glues and there are some"cold bond" products out there, but in way more amounts than I'll ever need for a whole lot of $$$.

So, how about HHG?

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Use your various glues to attach veneer scraps to wood blocks and compare their merits.

I like to use unique veneers on pegheads when the opportunity presents itself, and have always used yellow titebond. It  seems to work nicely, with one caveat:   it's important to ensure that no glue lumps exist, so I'll thin the titebond a bit with water and roll it on evenly with a small roller.  

Like Mike said - Titebond original will work well for this.  I have done very thin burl veneers on headstocks.  It is good to have the extended open time that Titebond allows to slip it into place and squeegee out any bubbles, clamp with a caul lined with greaseproof (oven bake) paper.  The idea of thinning it a bit with water sounds like a good one. 

 Ron, Gorilla glue has no applications with Luthierie at all. Just so ya know. 

Yeah, ir's pretty useless for lutherie. Makes a mess and isn't pretty.  Kinda like the animal it's named after.  I shouldn't have listed it.



i'd go with CA glue. Medium or thick with accelerator if in a hurry. Personally, don't like water glues on those thin veneers. They absorb the water and start to roll up and make a mess. But i think they're okay if you are fast enough and use a caul for the whole piece.


I decided to use Titebond II.  m;  Ambient temperature was about 90 degrees/ S[read tje glue carefully on bot surfaces and applied the veneer then quickly applied a caul and about six clamps.  I t cam out very nice/  next, I slathered CA glue on the surface so that the peghead matched the fretboard which I had finished with CA.  Applying CA between frets is fairly easy, as you can apply and wipe a small area before the glue sets.  On a bigger area, it's not as easy.  I slathered the CA on, then wiped with a rag.  It didn't finish as nice as the fretboard did, but, hey, this is a cigar box uke, not guitar.  I learned lessons with the CA and that is that you have no time to fuss with it.  Put on the minimun and get it wiped clean right away.  \

Anyway, the uke is done.  See pic.  . 


That's nice uke Ron! I might try cigar box instruments sometime. Cheers!

Looks pretty good to me.

for veneer and especially thin ones, use polyurethane glue. I like Titebond one, Elmer is good, Gorilla too.

Reason ? There is no water in the glue, so it won't curve veneer. It makes great, tight, joint and your veneer lines look amazing.

Make sure you have gloves when working with this glue.

Apply lots of pressure

Don't put any "spray" of water to "activate the glue", there is no need.

Try it, this is my way, and I have great comback on my veneer work.


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