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I got a '65 Country Gentleman in today for some binding work.  It is crumbling pretty bad.  The customer recently had another shop replace the fingerboard binding during a refret.  They did not replace the side dots.

Customer said they were red dots. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of this??  Google was not much help this time.  I just need to know which frets had them and how big they were. Also if anyone knows of a supplier that carries red dots, that could save me some time making them.



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They were 1/16th dots and were in the 3rd5th7th9th and12th .You are not going to get the same bindings that were on it befor anyway so I just put on black dots with cream bindings Bill.......

Thanks Bill!  That's exactly what I needed.  I'm assuming double dots at 12.

The neck binding was already replaced at another shop.  The refret was done at a second shop.  I'm assuming frets were done first.  Now I've got it for the side dots and body binding.  This guitar has been busy. 

They did pretty good yellowing the new binding with lacquer, but then cut through it in several spots letting the bright white show through.  Touching that up is on my list of things to do too.

Thanks again!

This is the Dan Erlewine  Utube on replacing new  red dots on Gretsch binding.


That DE video is very cool. Isn't it amazing how much the internet assists in sharing this hard-earned knowledge. 

Thanks, Rusty!  I never would have thought of the colored pencil trick.  That's a good one.  I've used burn-ins for side dots with wood binding before - very easy and they matched the wood dots on the fingerboard perfectly.  I'm too scared to try that on plastic binding!  Maybe I'll try it on a binding scrap sometime.

Thanks, Robbie.  Good to know you can get red dots in stick form. Cheap too!


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