Hi all. This Gibson is for sale (not by me). The seller is asking 800 and can not tell me any info on the guitar beyond the marking inside of the body. (x8891 15). I think it might be a j-45, but am not sure. It has a reverse belly bridge. Any experts on here that might be able to tell me something based on the pictures? Please tell me tour thoughts on price. I have attached some pictures, they aren't great, but all I could get. 

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As you say, the pictures aren't great, and I can't see the logo- but it does look to me, like a 1954 or older J-45(because of the small pickguard).  Assuming it's in decent condition(requiring modest repair or setup), $800 is a steal...and even if it needs more than that(crack repair...neck reset...frets) it could still be a good price.  But watch for previous poor quality repairs or mods, which could be difficult to correct or undo. A J-45 of that vintage, in good condition, would usually sell for three or four times that $800 figure(IMO).


If that's an 'X' at the beginning of the serial number( found on the neck block), then that would date the guitar to 1954.


Thank you for all the info Dave. I appreciate your time and knowledge. 

I'd be hopping on this in a hot minute. .... 

Date looks right, but judging from the images it looks more like an LG 1 or LG2.  Get the measurement of the lower bout, and check for X-brace or ladder.  At $800 you can't lose either way.  Tom

I'm no expert, but I used to have a J-50 (not as good as this one!).  The proportions look right for a J rather than an LG.  Please refer the seller to me if you don't take it.<G>


The images are rough indeed to decipher anything...but an LG wouldn't have that bridge..could have been swapped I suppose but I'd expect something 1" wide the full length...



Thanks all. Ultimately,

 I missed the opportunity to buy this one. I can't help but wonder if this was some sort of craigs list scam though. When I was adamant about meeting in a public location the seller suddenly sold the guitar to someone else. I know this is certainly a possibility, but something about it seems shady to me. They also followed up with an email to me letting me know that the person who bought it told them the guitar was worth more and gave $1500. for the guitar instead of the $800 asking price. Oh well...

I always make a point of giving someone double the asking price. In fact, I add 20% to my taxes, asa gratuity.


Sure sounds fishy to me ... craigslist can be crazier than eBay sometimes, but at least on eBay you're not actually meeting up with the crazy people ;-)

Yes, you'd expect to see the rectangular bridge with that pg.  



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