Hello All!

A customer came in with this instrument and I'm trying to find out what model it may be. I'm sure some of you out there can help me. Thanks for any and all help.

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If you give us dimensions and such it could help a bit. Is the back arched?  Are there any numbers at all inside?

I think Christian is on the right path.

Here's a page of Gibson info:

I would be inclined to say it's an L-50 from the 30's based on the headstock logo.

I vote for the L-50.  The L-47 has a bound pickguard.  The key is going to be the body's dimensions and the shape (arch/flat) of the back.

Also, the "owner" is definitely a first position player.  Remember folks: Keep the nails trimmed on your left hand(:

That's a very cool guitar Justin.

Best of luck ID'ing it (:

Here's an L-50.  Look familiar?

Look like L-50 to me - good thing we no step in it.....

JUST KIDDING - but it looks like a 50 to me too.... 

L 50  and a nice one a little rough though but still.

How wide is the lower bout?  I'm not really an expert but I am interested in Gibson arch tops.  It looks like an entry level model maybe an L-30 or L-50?  If the top is mahogany its probably an L-48?


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