So I have a guitar in for repair that the bridge was lifting off. Once I got the bridge off I noticed this ledge around the perimeter of the bridge. I have ran into this before, but this on is pretty deep. My question is: should I level the whole bring and get rid of the little ledge, or try to fit it back on without messing with the ledge. lease let me know what you would do in this situation.





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I scrape off all the top finish right up to the perimeter of the bridge, and sand the bottom of the bridge flat across to level it and prepare the surface for new glue. I want the maximum gluing surface, particularly at the back edge behind the bridge pins. After all, it came off once already, so I try to make it more secure the second time around.
Agreed, but keep in mind that will lower the bridge by the depth of the ledge.
Aha! ... yet another way to fend-off the dreaded neck reset :)

I agree with Frank and can't add anything more.  I would like to know what make of guitars (this one and the one you ran across in the past) have this ledge on the bridges glue surface.

- S

They ledge was routed in there so that the bridge would drop down onto the bare wood and the ledge would over hang the finsh.

Thanks for all your answers. I really appreciate it. To answer your question Steve. This guitar is a Walden guitar. The other one I can't remember what make it was. The last one I worked on was not as deeply cut as this one though. I'm hoping it will turn out good.....We'll just have to try and go from there.



The Taylor and Collings guitar companies have been installing bridges with a routed ledge for years.



Martin does the same thing.  At least on some models.


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