I'm building an SG jr. kit,mahogany, and I'm planning on setting the neck with hide glue. What are your thoughts?

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Good plan... HG's easily reversible and it's been the standard for eons.  Plan & practice the clamp-up dry. Warm the parts before actually clamping, as the working time's considerably shorter for HG than titebond. 

Thanks Mike! I've had great results with hide in the past.

"Hot" hide glue is an excellent choice provided that your dry runs, meaning practice clamping sessions and not a gastrointestinal disorder... ;), all go well and you know that you can have things clamped up in say 30 seconds or less.

The Franklin bottled rasta imposta hide glue is not a good choice - too many plasticizers and not the same stuff as our beloved hot hide glue.  It's a great idea but sadly does not work well for most anything that I can think of Lutherie related...

Be sure to post pics when you get her done so that we can congratulate you on a job very well done!

I'm an electric guitar maker - have been for a long time.  I'm also pragmatic and traditional when it comes to sticking electrics together and in this case I offer the fact that Gibson and most others use Titebond to stick their instruments together and have zero issues (that I know about, as a long time specialist with Gibsons) .   I'm not saying that it's any better or any worse than 10 other glues and systems and schedules but I'm also not going to reinvent the wheel when the one I've got works just fine. 

I'm also not too keen to have dead animal matter in my guitars, but that's a personal issue.


I'm not much of an electric guy myself but I go with Russ on this. I've glued up a few set neck Gibsons along the way and I love having just a little more time to make sure everything is lined up and tight before she's all set up. I don't so much mind the dead animal matter, it's that pesky dead human matter that gets my gourd.


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