I might be slow coming to this, but I've recently become aware that are StewMac resellers in Spain. They have a good range of other woods, tools and materials, too. I've yet to place an order, but I had a browse. It's still not cheap, once you factor in shipping and taxes, but at least the cost is up front (i.e. no frightening customs bill). One good thing, is they seem to be able to sell StewMac finishes that StewMac won't ship internationally.

I'm not a shill for madinter, by the way, they might be awful for all I know. :D

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I have seen it, to bad the shipping sum is high.

...and the site is really sloooooooooooooooooow...

Looking for  ball bearing router bits I ended up at Madinter... Found the StewMac router bit set and bought it. Too bad... it has a 0.25 inch shank diameter (maybe common in the US) but considdered obsolete in Europe (so I'm told). Now I have to find a way to fit 0.25" into 8 milimeters...

Hmm. Those sizes are common in the UK/US, but I guess not so much in Europe. However, you should be able to find a 1/4" collet to swap in for the 8mm you have at the moment. 

you're right! Murray MacLeod just linked me to trenddirectuk where I found a collet extension shank 1/4" collet 8mm shank. (Wow, have to brush up my english!) Too bad I think it is too long, it will bring the bit down way too far.. Do you have a router that was made for 0.25" shanks?

Yeah, I'm in the UK, I have a Triton router which takes both 1/2" and 1/4" bits.

Lucky you! Ok, I'll start looking for that router, thanks!


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