This question is the opposite of what is usually posted.

I dislike strap pins at the heel and wonder how to plug the hole left by the screw

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Does the guitar have a heel cap which you could replace? Otherwise fill with a matching plug. Or a pearl dot?

what could be used for a matching plug-hard to find a dowel that thin

You'd have to cut your own plug. I'd be tempted to use pearl dot. Or make up a new heel cap? Depends how much time you want to put into it! Typically, Frank has a page about it:

If it was in the heel cap I would use a pearl dot, however it is in the side of the heel the way Taylor Guitars mount theirs

anyone have a unspotted ebony bridge pin they no longer need?


is it a "sharp" martin-style heel?

meaning the button is in basically the "correct" place?

if so there's a good argument to keep it; unless you're set up for master-level touchup refinishing to where the spot could be truly made invisible, the leftover evidence of the hole might be more visually annoying than having the button, plus now you're out the use of a strap button for stand up playing. 

(OK this is a zombie thread but what the heck, things don't move too fast around here anyway)

I know I am totally off subject  but I am desperate . I am truly sorry to be off subject.  but it seems to be only way to post. I wanted to to post a request for a pair of fair shape used Gurian medium burrs.There is no blue SEND or POST box  in the new subject heading. Looks like a glitch of some kind that needs a fix.Hoping someone out there could hunt through their parts box and slip me two fair shape burrs into an envelope to my address I will supply if you can message . This section of the board appears to be working fine.Huge thanks and again I am sorry for the off subject message .My old 53 Harmony Broadway is sick right now from the 13-15th fret  and needs heavy duty fret work to rid the guitar of bad fret buzz to be able to drop the action down another two mm. Has a bad  high ski hill effect after my neck reset. If anyone is willing to send me out an envelope with two little burrs please send me a message .

Go look on eBay... they're all over the place and they're not expensive.

thanks can you show me a link to some that are not expensive?Stew Mac is crazy. I just went around in circles on the net with no luck but it could just be my poor skills on a laptop.

$15 or $16 isn't expensive for what you get...  especially if you need an exact-fit item.  Granted, there's shipping as well, but if the burr is all that's standing between you & a ready-to-play guitar, it might be time to open the wallet.  Good luck with the project.

Hi John.
You might be thinking that this task is tougher than it is.
It’s a simple “hole plugging 101” fix.
Treat it as you would plugging tuning machine holes in a headstock.
There are many resources for that info on the web and in the archives of this site.
Best of luck with your task.


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