This question is the opposite of what is usually posted.

I dislike strap pins at the heel and wonder how to plug the hole left by the screw

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Does the guitar have a heel cap which you could replace? Otherwise fill with a matching plug. Or a pearl dot?

what could be used for a matching plug-hard to find a dowel that thin

You'd have to cut your own plug. I'd be tempted to use pearl dot. Or make up a new heel cap? Depends how much time you want to put into it! Typically, Frank has a page about it:

If it was in the heel cap I would use a pearl dot, however it is in the side of the heel the way Taylor Guitars mount theirs

anyone have a unspotted ebony bridge pin they no longer need?


Hi John.
You might be thinking that this task is tougher than it is.
It’s a simple “hole plugging 101” fix.
Treat it as you would plugging tuning machine holes in a headstock.
There are many resources for that info on the web and in the archives of this site.
Best of luck with your task.


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