Most high-end acoustic guitars have individual fitted bridge pins, here is a small tool I made on a laser cutter for keeping track of your bridge pins when doing repair work.

Just wanted to share :) 

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Little holders like that are quite useful - I like it.    

Thank you  :)

Very useful. I think it is important to return each pin to its proper hole.

Yes was my thinking too :)

It's useful AND of superb quality.
Kudos on your creativity and craftsmanship.


mostly useless, but i do see the occasional high end acoustic with those nice unslotted wood or ivoroid bridgepins where the pins are actually marked 1-6 to go in their specific holes.

i suppose this little rack would come in handy to keep them sorted.

I have an old Tortex pick box with 6 individual compartments for the different gauges of pick. I've just labelled them EBGDAE and anything that needs kept goes in there: saddles, shims, bridge pins and so on. Most useful if you're breaking down an old tremolo or Floyd Rose or something with individual string blocks shims and whatnot.

Nice :)

Those are cool. I do these little blocks.

Thanks Nice work too  :) I'll make a batch and start handing them to clients with high end guitars.. :)



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