I have a buddy in need of an odd water decal. I remember reading that someone here makes them... 

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Hi Kerry.  I think this is the recent thread that you are remembering

I got a new Micro Mark catalog today... they sell water slide decal papers that can be printed with your computer's printer. The images must be sprayed with a fixative, which they also sell.

I have no first hand experience with the material, so I can't offer any review.

I've used the decal sheets. They work fine. The problem is that modern printers don't do gold. Last time I looked, the guys doing the gold decals were using an old school thermal printer.

These also won’t work if you need white on clear backing, unless you have an ALPS printer. Those have been out of production for quite a few years.   If you can find a used printer they also have gold foil ink cartridges.  Larry

That's the one - ALPS.

ALPS Printer - eBay


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