I acquired an old guitar with wooden frets for $2.00 at a local rummage shop. It has no markings of any kind.

Does any know anything about this old beater? The back and front are both are becoming unglued. I think I'll disassemble the unit, glue it back together, and see how it plays and sounds.

Best Regards to all-

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I went ahead and stripped the paint off of the front of the guitar. There is a faint outline of a star around the sound hole.

Perhaps it's a Mariachi guitar?

Best Regards-

A local amateur luthier's work?
wow dig in it sofa king cool

Wooden frets? How cool is that :-)



Phil, the way the saddle has been cut down, I would wonder if this guitar started out as a Hawaiian.  That could also explain the wooden frets.  The only other wooden frets that I have seen were on an inexpensive uke.


I'd also say the guitar is built for Hawaiian playing, not Spanish style.



Here are two photos after stripping off a few coats of paint.

Regards to all-


This guitar was never meant tio be fretted, that's why it has these frets. It needs a big ol' quarter inch high nut.

And I LOVE that star!


I usually refret these with walnut, though maple has a nice tone as well, but is hell on tools.


Are you familiar with this guitar?



Not at all. My tongue was planted firmly in my cheek :)

Ah-ha.  That star!  I've seen these before.

Calling it "possibly a Hawaiian guitar" is being generous.

These GSO's were sold to tourists as souvenir wall hangers.  Nothing more.


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