I'll be taking a much-needed "vacation," starting on Tuesday, May 31.  

First stop will be Kaiser's Cardiac Spa in Santa Clara, where I'll be treated to a triple bypass and mitral valve repair/replacement. 

After about a week, it's back home to Recovery Adventure Land for a month or so.

     (Guess it's too late to apply for different parents with better DNA.)


Right now I don't know when I'll be back on the air, but they tell me I may use my laptop while I'm in the hospital, so it might not be all that long.


In the meantime there will be an obvious delay in approving new members, answering questions and suspending the occasional spammer.  I serve FRETS.COM from my home computer, so if somebody kicks the power cord loose, I'll plug it in soon as I'm back.


Cheers, and THANKS, friends,  for all the good wishes - especially Michi Matsuda and Carol Tao for the special good luck items brought in from Kyoto and Tokyo  -  -  -


Frank Ford

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Hey Frank.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Could your surgeons put together a photo-blog of this repair work?  Like you do for a tricky vintage restoration?  It would be a great addition to


Will be thinking of you



I wish you the best, Frank.  Remember, there's a bunch of us folks rooting for you!
Frank, sorry to read this too late.  You're already in getting prep'ed for the surgery (if not already through it).  Just take your time recovering, it's important to be well healed.  Good luck!

Frank.  I hope your sugery and recovery go smoothly.  I'll be sending good thoughts your way and  I must say, that's a heck of a "vacation".  Please take a "better one" when you recover.  Stay strong.


Best luck, pal! And be strong, you'll have lots of prayers for your recovery all over the world, including yours truly from Venezuela. See ya!
All best wishes from Scotland for a speedy and successful outcome, Frank.

Praying for your speedy recovery Frank.  Looking forward to hearing some of your stories of being on the table!



This was posted yesterday on the Gryphon website....


Yippee! Frank's Gonna Be Fine!

Jun 01, 2011
Our fearless leader Frank Ford had heart surgery yesterday (Tuesday, 5/31), and we've been given the good news that he's recovering just fine. His recovery will take a while, so he probably won't be showing up at Gryphon for at least a few weeks. As is typical for Frank, not long after recovering from sedation he was already looking forward to getting back to work. Thanks to all of you who wished him well!


Great news!



It'll be good to have you back!

That's fantastic news.  Frank, you're my hero!  Now, get some rest and get better.  The world would be worse off without you in it!


Well, my computer chose a great week to go belly up.... As it was up and running again, the first thing I saw was this post: Although it comes much too late: All the best Frank, I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. If it's any consolation: My Doc discovered that I only had 28% heart function back in 2002. After an operation and having to take various pills for the rest of my life, I'm still here and kicking 11 years later!

Get well soon!




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