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I cant see anything here, anyone else got the same trubs,


Sadly, with the mass of those Rotomatics, a 6" drop forward can snap the headstock. Should glue up just fine.

Greg Mirken

What is the question here ?

Nasty break, but a reasonable candidate for repair with some nice hot hide glue.   It's really important to clamp it without damaging the volute, and to use good hide glue technique, but it should be as strong as new.

i think the point of the thread is that the extra reinforcing volute didn't seem to do a damn thing. if anything it looks like it broke right where the flat areas meet, almost like those corners made the neck weaker not stronger. 

I believe this volute is simply to mimic the traditional Bridle Joint that proceeded it, not to strengthen neck.
I think one of the problems with the volutes I see is they don't extend far enough down the neck. The truss rod cavity is the area with least strength, as such it should be the best reinforced, but often the volute has basically tapered to nothing and, as Walter notes, actually makes it more likely to break in that already weak area.


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