Hi all. Thinking of spending some of my hard-earned on useful tools and stuff that I've had my eye on for a while. A few times while doing nuts I've had trouble really seeing what I'm doing. So I got some new lighting and a dentist-style inspection light. Still struggling, so I guess it's my eyes just getting old and slow! Looking at getting an Optivisor as a Xmas present to myself. Anyone have experience with them? I see there are a bunch of different options.

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All the time. You need it :-) I have had mine for about 5 years and it's still going strong. I got both magnifying glasses but I use the number 2 most. Getting a bit sloppy in the fastening of the lenses, but I will put in a screw when I need to.

Agreed. I’m using #4 lenses and find them a bit much, so I’m going to get the #2 set. Thanks Roger.

I've used one since I had cataract surgery which left me with 20-20 distance vision but took away my closeup vision courtesy of extreme nearsightedness.  I also build fine scale models and it's been a lifesaver.  I especially like the LED light on top which can be tilted and aimed from side to side.  Two built in magnification powers and the loupe is also switchable to the left side.  Much cheaper than an Optivisor and maybe not as durable but at this price it has been great.  I also keep a pair of single vision reading glasses around, even though I have prescription progressive lenses.  In some situations they're really useful.


That link came to a screeching halt. Maybe this is it?

The original link works for me but that’s the one. Larry

Just installed an ad blocker plugin in my browser... looks very much like the Stewmac one :-)

I’ve had two inexpensive clones, one from Harbor Freight and the other is the same one recommended by Larry. I am very pleased with quality.

I managed to pick one up used and it had the optional LED lights on the sides.  Don't bother with the lights as I don't see them doing much.  But YES, get a pair as they will change your life.


the middle light is better. The side lights are worthless. Larry 

i have an optivisor, but i often wear high power reading glasses from the pharmacy. - a little less strain on the neck. 

 I can't tell you how many projects over the years I have used mine for. Hundreds of times at least! And the most appreciated times I used it? For when I had super deep microscopic metal and wood slivers in my hands. My GOODNESS, just using them for that would have I would have made me happy paying for it again! 

I've ordered one of those cheap knock-offs that Larry uses. I'll report back!


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