To all the dudes, dudettes and comrades out there:

Have a happy and prosperous new year in 2013 and beyond and thanks sincerely for the fine company, generosity  and friendship that goes with this extraordinary place called Frets.

Regards, Rusty and family.

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Right on Rusty.  Cheers to happy times ahead!  Tom

Same to you Rusty (:

G'day mate (:

Best wishes to you and yours and to all my friends here on Frets for a safe, healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year.

 Please, please please, no drinking and driving for anyone reading this under any circumstance too! Take extra cash with ya for the taxi ride home! 

Rock on.

The best of holiday wishes to everyone at the forum. What a great place to come, share and receive!


Ha Comrade Vance!

If I'm not mistaken you already live in 2013... well, does it feel any different?


A verry Happy / Hippy new year to you all !


With "extra special good fortune" to Frank Ford for not just creating and .net but for also keeping them online!

This indeed is a rare community, price-less !

Hippy New Year to you Rusty and to everyone here on Frets!!! May we all find it to be a great year.   - Lee

Happy New Year, you long haired hippy radical! 

 My daughter has date envy. She says that everything happens over there first. (On the other hand, she also pointed out that the 12,12,12 end of the world would have happened to your part of the world first too. )

I'm looking forward to another year of learning and another year of fine online friends. Thank you one and all for making Frets such a great place and thank you Frank Ford a place for this to happen.   

Happy New Year everyone!!!! 

Thanks and "back at you" , Rusty

Everyone stay safe and have a Happy New Year...!

And a Very Hippy New Year to You too Rusty and everyone else on FRETS too!!!


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