If this doesn't make your Friday, well, I just don't know what will...

Opened the case on this bad boy this morning

And another...

And just in case those don't suffice...

Frank, feel free to add these to your sideshow gallery. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this repair works perfectly, holding the headstock in place with unrivaled authority but that I can't take credit for the idea nor it's execution.

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Thanks for the view - looks like somebody got 'er done. . .

 Absolutely breathtaking... 

Funny! What's crazy is that I bet almost all of us have seen similar work.

American ingenuity at it's finest!  On the other hand, it's working, so there ya' go!  

In retrospect, I wonder if the "repairman" gave any thought to countersinking the back strap flush with the surface? That might've made the left-hand fretting a tad easier on his poor thumb:)

Thanks for sharing, Mark... priceless!

Come on guys be nice.... this "repair person" at least went to the trouble to attempt... to... match the color of the wood.... ;)  And what about those vintage "tone screws..."

Well at least this one is not a valuable older one.  Oh well.

Maybe the owner only played up high on the neck?

I don't get it. Is there something wrong with the repair?

WOW! Capo on the second fret please. Either that or the player is gonna need thumb replacement surgery.

Helpful Henry!

I recognize his work.

I'm almost afraid to ask...but does your client want the scaffolding removed?

Here's another little feat of engineering!

Are those hooks for wet laundry?  Nice mustache, though.

Ed Minch


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