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Awesome!  Its shameful of me that I haven't been in, being a bay area native, and in the same field.  Once the holidays are over i'm making a day out of it!

One cool video is right!!!  Very nicely done!!!!

It would nice to see more like this one. Thanks for the inspiration Frank.

The whole place is Class A+.  Brian's work is in the same category, as is Frank's, of course.  We get to the Bay Area 4-5 times a year to visit our granddaughters and their parents and since they live about 10 blocks from Gryphon, I always find an excuse to get over there.  They've done a couple of first class repairs for me and sold me my keeper guitar (a Shanti SF Koa) over 20 years ago.  They don't usually have customers back there in repair land but I may ask to see it the next time I go.


"The whole place is Class A+"

You bet!  I used to think my shop was pretty decent.  Now I think it's junk!

Thanks for sharing. If I lived anywhere near Palo Alto I probably would spend all my time at Frank's and my wife would kick me out as a bum.

I also enjoyed watching the film from Stew-Mac's and seeing some of Franks Tooling Ideas and Solutions.

Franks Voice was what intrigued me. It reminds me of the Voice of a very Famous Hollywood Actor. Whose name escapes me, but he was in the Film "The Bedford Incident" I watched a few weeks ago, and has been in many Great Hollywood and T.V. Films.

He always plays a Technical Expert of some kind.

Just like Frank! :)


Wally Cox, James McArthur, Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier, or Martin Balsam?

Brian's airbrush with CA accelerant was a good idea! It is always interesting to see how others set up their work spaces as well as the make/model of machines they've found dependable.

Frank's machine shop adventures inspired me to sign up for basic machinist courses at the local tech school starting January. If only we had a maker space here.

Very awesome. I only wish The Man wouldve played a quick tune.


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