I have noticed on more than one guitar site that wives in the background seem like a bigger threat than the Taliban.Come on admit it there must be more than one guitar being hidden away from She who must be obeyed.Do they get hidden in the shed?-basement?-where?Confess!

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In my case (no pun intended), what's worked out best is having a bunch of instruments around in different locations, so the "shell game" comes into play. "New? Nah... had it for years". In addition to doing repairs, I'm also a bassist... so the above works for electric basses. Can't say the same for the 4 uprights, as they're tough to hide :)
John, I just don't know what you're looking for here. Did you get busted and now need to show your wife that "everybody" has something stashed away in the shed, or basement, or at the girlfriend's... ? Ain't gonna happen. The only response you're going to get is "I don't have anything stashed away, but I've heard of it happening.". After all, this a public forum, accessible to EVERYONE that can work the web.

several guitars around in cases and closets and she doesnt know the difference....if she knew some of my guitars were worth what they are she probably would pay more attention!
The J200 the Dove and the Hummingbird-a collection in itself ! Creases her clothes she never wears!
Now come on dudes there must be some dudettes that inhabit this great site......anyway my wife got me started building these damn things an' I cain't quit so she'll jus' have to put up with my...........sensitive instrument builder mentality,simple as it is.
Luckily, I have a detached garage where I have my shops. It is two story and one room upstairs is for playing and clean repairs. She won't go up there because she has to pass through the wood shop and there are just too many spiders in there. (she doesn't know I breed them for that very purpose) Also no handrails up the steps and she's scared of heights. So I'm safe until I die, ever hear of the living haunting the dead?
We have managed to maintain harmony by using the SEC (Shoe Equivalence Constant). Determining this elusive number required constructing an unscientific calculator using champagne and an anniversary ring.
Of course the 24 hour rule applies to everything from guitars to tools to new piles of old books. If you have it in the house for 24 hours, you may say with confidence, "Oh that's been here for a long time".

I made a large rolling cabinet to hold six of the guitars in current rotation, and it changes enough that she has quit asking questions. I never ask her about the supposedly amazing collection of stuff in her sewing room.
I got it better than most guys I guess. There are two maybe three things(counting me) in the world that my wife loves. Hawaii and Pomerainians. I just collect my guitars and ukuleles(Koa preferably) and keep them displayed on the bedroom wall along with a Model O National with the Hawaiian sandblast scene on it and a Martin Hawaiian X. I keep those two tuned to open G (taro patch) and play her a little slack key from time to time. We had Kimo West play at out wedding so she figures it's about as romantic as most guys ever try to be. :) I go to the dog shows and support her in her stuff so it evens out.
Come on, Cliff. Confess. It's just us boys here, right. Tell us you haven't, in a very private moment, contemplated using a Pomerainian for an over the powder wad.

Hey this is good stuff.Glad I asked the question.I had more laughs here than the whole of Milton Bearles joke book.The joke I liked was -----If you make one new friend every day for a whole year----at the end of that year ----You`re stuck with 365 new friends. That`s the only one I laughed at.!
I can't remember how many sales those Wives have cost me.I don't know what you guys are doing but it sure has cost me a lot of money.Bill."""""


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