Hi, chaps. My old Peterson tuner has died on me so looking for a replacement, ideally nice and cheap but reliable and accurate!

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Yep, what Richard said.  I bought myself a Stroboplus for a birthday present last year and it's a great tuner. 

Being on the light side, it tended scoot-around on the bench a little, so I fastened it down to a small block of wood and it's become my "go-to" bench tuner for most work.

what "old peterson", and how exactly did it "die"?

if it's an actual mechanical strobe peterson does a refurb/calibration thing for them.

either way though, if you can find yourself a sonic research turbo-tuner st-122 bench tuner then snag it, you won't miss the mechanical strobe at all. it's a true analog strobe tuner that grabs and switches pitches like a digital tuner, best of both worlds.

unfortunately they're not being made at the moment and folks that have them generally don't want to let them go (me included) so they're hard to find.

they do make pedal versions (st-300) that are every bit as awesome and accurate, except they don't have mics and aren't so easily programmed.

I say 'die'; I was angrily rerouting my cabling and knocked it off the bench.

Both my Peterson blue boxes eventually died of natural causes and I replaced them (initially as an addition to my clip-ons) with a Peterson Strobclip which is just fine and does most of everything -  I use clip-ons (Snarks/ korg) all the time for day to day but these Petersons are much more accurate and sensitive and obviously you can check out the instrument in the playing position (hanging on the strap) without having cables and crap getting in the way.    I was going to get the Peterson stomp/plus thing but I just haven't found it necessary.   Another thing is the ease of doing tech duties off stage.  They are relatively cheap and I haven't been able to break it.   Recommended. Rusty.

I use my iPhone, the Peterson App, along with their TP-3 clip.  $18.98 total.

I've used the app before and it just didn't seem very good? I haven't tried it with the piezo clip, though.


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