Unbelievable but true - this was pulled out of a trash dumpster.  BRW back & sides, MOP inlay all around top & soundhole, no major cracks & X braced to boot.  From the neck inlay it looks like a Larson Bros, anyone recognize the maker?

Too crowded in here, lets throw out all the vintage rosewood parlor guitars...

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GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You're hurting me!!!

Wow, I was feeling good about the $9.99 Lotus Les Paul I found at the Goodwill today, but you have put me to shame. Was it you who found it? If so, congrats, it is a beauty.

Wow - that's nuts. Do you wonder if someone stashed it after stealing it so it could be picked up later?

What's the big deal's an acoustic - put a flower pot in the sound-hole and make it useful.


Wonderful find, Harrison. I really need to start checking more dumpsters!

I think we call that "sour grapes", Rusty.  Anyway, you may blow me away in the end... but I pack mine in a case, not a van and  I'll be having fun while you're setting up and finding the outlets. :)

yeah, I know!....and you have never worn spandex either.......chuckle, R.

I wore lots of spandex back in the old days. I still wear it everyday but it's different, and my hair is shorter. This is me at 50 years old showing 78 younger guys my rear wheel at the finish.

You can tell  us , Rusty, you WERE the one trapped in the egg in "This is Spinal Tap", right?

One of the finest rock documentaries ever made.........

Or fill it with concrete and use it as a tire chock, with wooden handle.

OH MY GAWD!! Please tell me the location of this dumpster. I fished an old Stella look-alike from my neighbors trash can once but the only usable parts were the back and sides. What a find. It's unbelievable what people throw away.

Based on what I can see, I believe this is a Lyon and Healy guitar that was probably made to be sold by Montgomery Ward. Often the name Thornward is marked on them somewhere. I base this assumption on the type of decoration—the fingerboard motifs—and the material it's made of, which is not mother of pearl (or abalone) but rather west African snail. It looks to be mostly all still there and quite restorable. Congratulations. 


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