Here is the guitar of someone's dreams... Or nightmares actually...

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Kerry, That link is not working, but searching found it. Yikes!

HA! I saw this yesterday. If the seller were asking 200, I would have taken the bait, but that guitar's corpse can't be much good for more than scrap pieces. I was wondering why the case was even mentioned. What a mess.

I can't stand crooks and deceivers. BTW: he wants $500 for that mess. Heck, for all we know, it could be a Takamine copy.

I just sent the 'seller' the following message:

"There is NOTHING salvageable from that wreck. The only 'valuable' piece is the headstock with the maker's mark, but it appears to be gone. $1.00 would be an appropriate opening bid. Otherwise, this is suckering some innocent 'repair kid' into buying a HUGE white elephant".

It'll be interesting to see if he displays my comment on the auction page.

I'll post his response, if made.

Was trying to post the link but was unable.


Right On, Paul.

The scary thing is that there are 38 "watchers" for that mess.  Hopefully they are watching for the sake of entertainment rather than actual interest.

I don't believe there's any scam intended. The seller's pretty forthright about the condition and the description seems to be quite accurate.  

The serial number on the neck block indicates it's, indeed, a 1975 D-35 (unless someone went to a whole lotta trouble to fake that, which seems unlikely).

Seems like a typical case of the seller trying to salvage what he can from a guitar in very bad condition. More power to him...  but let the buyer beware.

Looks like toxic waste to me.....

My God she must have been made...

The seller's reply:

Does it make you feel better to have wasted my time by letting me know your opinion on my price? It's really a shame that you have nothing better to do.

Feel better? You bet :) At that price, what he's doing is despicable. I'm done.

Hi Ya Paul!

Every week or so someone comes into the shop all excited about the possibilities carrying what they "won...." on ebay for us to repair.  Their initial thinking is typically that they got a great deal and that a few bucks more with some repairs and they will have the deal of the century....

Let's see after quoting the neck reset, bridge reglue, possible refret or at least level, crown, polish, several braces to be reglued, a new nut, saddle, and sourcing that broken tuner that was never described in the ebay description not to mention sending them to a luggage shop in search of a vintage hinge, latch or two since the case is now in three pieces and that smile tends to transform into what I call the 2,000 ebay guitar stare....

They now seem to be staring endlessly into space with a slight frown on their face which may be accompanied by copious wallet clutching and a gradual physically distancing from the mess (guitar) that they brought in and have on our triage bench....  It's sad to see the facial expression turn from rosy cheeked smiles of excitement to a gray frown as if one has just crapped their pants in public.

Anyway we see this nearly every week and are happy to send them to Guitar Center....;)

Does this make me a bad person?  ;)


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