I may have "over-reliced" this one.  Can anyone walk me through a repair solution ?

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You'll have to be more specific with the problems. I really can't see anything obviously wrong with it.

Edit: I see - StewMac sells replacement tone knobs which should be a close match.

"over-reliced" ?

Add another $1500 to its price.

btw: Tom, from where do you source your vintage guitar grime?. The stuff I get only makes it look like it's been dragged through a conventional war.  Yours looks like a 'thermonuclear survivor' ;)

Thanks for the grins :)

All that's missing is the Jimi Hendrix finish - squirt lighter fluid on body, set alight, then wave the guitar around until the naptha burns off.

Typically with a project like this, the thorniest issue is getting period parts. These are always expensive because they are loose. Try building a new Subaru from the parts department.

But you're in luck. because almost everything needs to be replaced.Just buy a 50s Strat and swap out all the parts...

On eBay, this would listed as "Easy project, worth $20,000 when done."

Please tell the story behind this one.

The guitar's not the problem.... it's that butt-ugly rug it's sitting on! 

A 'recently found' Nashville flood guitar....perhaps???

This guitar was a 'quote on repair' joke gift. My friend found it while on horseback in Tujunga Wash Los Angeles. That land provides alternating doses of flood water and bone dry desert. Believe it or not, I have had a few offers for it! 

Mike, the carpet is from a casino in Las Vegas. I was loading-out and found a remnant in the dumpster. It is heavy duty and high quality. It's been in front of my workbench for years.

Thanks for entertaining my sideshow. Here's another shot:

Great story.....and piece of Wall Art.....I rather like the carpet also. Especially after the story!

There is a part of me... that wants to make this thing work... Maybe set it up for slide (I think it's time for me to go to bed).

If you can find the tremolo handle, you should be good to go, Ask your friend to return and look for it.  Unless it needs a reset... .


Looks like a fun job!
I have got some accustic guitars that looked like this and if I had this solid thing I would patch it up than find another and strip it of parts, don't refinish it and play the thing.
Look at what all the people would be saying and staring at it.

Sounds like fun!

The new trend in resoring cars is leave the body alone and upgrade all the rest and drive the sucker!,


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